About Me


  My name is Jonny. My life is centered around Spirituality, music, self-development and expressions of joy and creativity in a myriad of forms! I have spent most of my 20s making my way as a musician, playing at weddings, bars and parties – it’s been a joy to turn my passion into my career! I am also a singer songwriter - composing and performing my own music.  

  In my late teens I discovered meditation and Spirituality and, since then, I have devoted myself to the pursuit of truth and freedom.  Meditation has led me to an indescribable state of completion and peace and I have reached an unshakeable realisation about what I am Spiritually. Through this inward journey, and through teaching others, I have developed many skills and insights into navigating the inner world.  

   I have made it my mission to master the art of transforming this inner world, to reach the deepest levels within, and to offer this as a service to as many people as possible. It is also my mission to be continually striving to realise life’s fullest potential – in loving relationships, expression, creativity, health and vitality, heightened experience, material success and self actualisation. Therefore, I have studied and become a facilitator in many different modalities of development and healing including NLP, Hypnotherapy, PSYCH-K, Life Coaching and breathing techniques.


   The synthesis of all my life experience to date has come together in the modality that I have created and developed called The Resolution Journey. It is a method of inner discovery and transformation, encompassed in an uplifting ‘journeying’ experience of relaxation, sound, leading words, dynamic breath, and awakening body postures. 

   I seek to push the boundaries of the ways in which we reach actualisation in our lives and to experience life in its fullest potential!



My Journey in Achieving a Fulfilled Life 


My life has been greatly influenced by my desire to find truth, purpose and meaning. Life has brought me many blessings and I have sought out many paths that lead me to achieving a fulfilled life. If you’d like to understand me a little more, have a read of some of the main things I have done: 

-Maintained a wholehearted devotion to the Spiritual Path that has led to

an unshakeable realisation of my innermost self as a Universal reality of oneness

-Kept a solid and consistent practice of Yoga as a subtle energetic practice. 

-Found my perfect relationship match, and through this I have learnt and applied practices to achieve sacredness and fulfillment in relationship intimacy. 

-Found my Ikagi – I turned my passion of playing music into my career,

and I have also turned my passion of Spirituality, wellness and life actualisation into my life’s work

-Became an artist (singer/songwriter), harnessing and awakening

creativity, expression and performance. 

-Explored and trained in a range of modalities for wellnessNLP, Hypnotherapy, PSYCH – K. 

-Developed my own modality of self-exploration and transformation called The Resolution Journey

-Undergone hours of Self-Development through books, videos, sessions and courses. 

-Helped to organise and run conscious festivals and events, building vibrant community. 

-Attended and contributed to men’s groups - awakening the warrior spirit, achieving power and harmony in masculinity, and finding a brotherhood of strength to be a part of. 

-Learnt a wealth of information about maintaining a healthy diet and good nutrition. 

-Attended workshops, groups and courses on authentic communication, community and connection. 

-Discovered many approaches to achieve freedom, flow state and release

such as singing, playing music and free form dancing. 



My Spiritual Journey 


"If you are seeking to be

where you want to be,

learn to simply be

where you are."

                                                                                                                Jonny O'Donnell

Meditation has led me to an unshakeable realisation of my innermost Self to be a reality of oneness, completion and unbroken peace. 

This was a reality that I had heard about, read about, and reflected on for many years - 

Until I truly realised it... 

For a lifetime it wasn’t there, and in a moment of realisation, the reality was there -  

A uniform state of indescribable absolute peace,  

and it has been there ever since; waiting for me to go to in meditation. 

People may speak about it, write about it, think about it, but until we realise it from within, it remains an idea. 

I have made it my purpose to live my life guided by this fundamental realisation and to serve others so that they can benefit from it. 

I look for those who are seeking and willing to commit to taking their journey all the way and to reach this goal...  

and I reach out to and welcome those that may not be steadfastly seeking out this realisation, but are wanting to live fuller, happier and more fulfilled lives. 


My song ‘The Island’ encapsulates this realisation 

I have gone beyond where the seas flow, where the flowers grow. 

I have gone beyond where the daylight falls, I have felt the stillness. 

I have known the void and the complete peace, 

I’ve felt the fullness. 

I have crossed the sea on the journey. 

I’ve reached the Island. 

And wherever I go, home is with me. 

Yes I’ve reached the Island. 


I have been before, in the dreamless night 

I have seen the first light. 

I have trod the road, where the forms dissolve, 

To the undifferentiated me. 

And wherever I go, home is with me. 

Yes I’ve reached the Island. 


Stay the course, don’t drown in the endless sea. 

Walk the path, don’t stray in the woods. 

You can clear the way,  

when so clearly you know where the goal resides 


I have been the first seed,  

and I’ve watched it grow to be the 10,000 things 

I have touched the sand and the solid ground, 

I’ve reached the island. 

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How Spirituality Transformed My Way Of Living 

      I first discovered meditation when I was 19 and I dove wholeheartedly into it. I attended silent retreats, classes, built a daily practice, studied and learnt, grew and transformed. I was living this life parallel to a hedonistic, drug and drink filled, colorful time at university. Yet the pursuit of truth, freedom and harmonious living became such a strong call that by the time I was 22, I completely left that past self behind me and stepped forward into a completely new orientation within, a new way of being and a central devotion to living fully, healthily and harmoniously. With one last big party at Glastonbury, I left the old habits of drink and drugs behind me and never looked back. I soon found ways to achieve joyful expression, authentic connection and celebration. In fact, the fulfilment on this level reached new heights as the experiences at conscious events reached a new level of connection, authenticity, growth and aliveness.  

         I began to live my life with an inner stillness that came from the refuge that was inside of me that I could reach when I sat in meditation. It gave me a centeredness as I went about the world and a whole new awareness in life. For the first time, I truly began to be the one steering my life as I discovered that awareness is power, and when we do not have awareness, life steers us. Just like shifting a rock in a gentle stream at the top of the mountain can change the entire course of the river, my life took an entirely new course from the stillness that I was reaching in the finer and higher states I was reaching in meditation. I let go of so much baggage that was weighing me down and I continued to reach newer levels of freedom and flow. The more freedom I reached on the inside, the more blissful, ecstatic experiences I reached in life. This came from being able to drop out of my head and into a flow state – to create, dance, sing, laugh, love, cry, scream and play with the fullness of surrender. With an ever more open heart and deeper, more meaningful friendships, my life continuously began to reach new levels of fulfilment.  

          I met my true match in Olivia whilst at a meditation social event. It has been said that you can only meet someone as deeply as they have met themselves. We both share the same passion for Spirituality and the day we met was a cosmic happening! We instantly connected on many levels and there was a recognition of ourselves in the other, we immediately fell in love. In our relationship, I discovered true sacredness in intimacy and the science of cultivating a harmonious energy in loving connection. I was introduced to the beautiful and integral essence of Yoga as a practice of gaining control over the subtle forces in one's own being. I have had a solid daily practice of Yoga ever since and it keeps me in an uplifted and balanced state every day. 

            Since making my realisation in meditation, I have really stepped into a place of living from my deepest truth.  Knowing that what I am is an indestructible huge state of being, gives me so much courage and confidence to be myself, to share my truth. It is a huge freedom to be able to let all of creation go for that time when I am meditating, and to return completely refreshed and rejuvenated. Also, being centered in a completely neutral state gives me an incredible new sense of discernment and insight. Life continues to open itself to me in new and wonderful ways as I live life from this inner state of freedom and the journey is a magical one.  


The lyrics to my song “The Weaver’s Thread”, best encompass my early experience of searching for Spirituality

Oh in my design I've seen the thread of a weaver so bountiful  

My eyes are wide as I behold this great unknown.  

Oh I have seen in the wonder's a lesson that renders your spirit free - 

as we humble our will to the greater love.  

When I wander in my mind's eye to a memory,  

In a moment I remember with a night sky hanging over me -  

The size of it all made me want to know where it all came from and where we're gonna go.  

Oh within my heart I've felt the searching and longing and seeking  

And oh what do you want? My wandering heart it longs for love.  

I wander in my mind's eye to a childhood memory -  

A night time, I remember, a feeling came over me -  

An emptiness but an opening I wana know what it is and where it's taking me.  

What does it mean?  

So much beyond me but so lost in my mind, I wana feel it inside.  

What does it mean?  

When I know it's all me, but I feel I am just a piece in a great tapestry, I wana feel it inside me.  

But the road seems clearer now and the sun's burst through the clouds,  

And I know what it is - it's the light, I'm gonna follow it home.  

Peace wash over me. 


‘Body Speak’ talks of the beginnings of a journey into a new space within by using a mantra 


I close the lids to my eyes, time to hear my body speak. 

Dissolve the borders, said we’re going home. 

In my decision to be free and loose what no longer serves me, 

I align within. 

We’re going deeper now. 

I hear my body speak. 


See the mirrors in the dark, they never truly reflect me. 

Behind the mirror is where I’m coming from. 

I can see the same tunnel that arose before, 

I choose to follow, it’s going on and on. 

I hear my body speak. 


Rising fire and flowing water, 

Earth below my feet, wind can carry me. 


And in the silence I build an anchor with my words 

As I begin to use my inner sound. 

Align my body with this place, the sound begins to resonate. 

I’m seeking out to fill a bigger space. 

I hear my body speak. 


Rising fire and flowing water, 

Earth below my feet, wind can carry me. 

I wrote Paradigm Shift before I made my realisation of oneness, yet it alludes to it perfectly and takes on a whole new meaning for me now

Far away from the reach of time and ideas there’s a place. 

Meet me there and with nothing left to say, we’ll unify - one whole. 

As I drift away, you could follow - slow down the motion. 

Realise the state that’s unbroken, the widest of oceans. 

It’s time for the world to see the paradigm shift - pure elevation. 

The power is in you and me to realise this - all of creation, a dream. 

Breathe slow, relax your mind. 

Right here you can stay. 

Find there’s a balance of opposites that sway - 

Light, dark, hot, cold. 

As I drift away, you could follow - slow down the motion. 

Realise the state that’s unbroken, the widest of oceans. 

It’s time for the world to see the paradigm shift - pure elevation. 

The power is in you and me to realise this - all of creation, a dream. 

Feel Good! Be Happy!

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