GUIDED MEDITATION SERIES VIDEO 1 - Relaxation - 20 Minutes

Introducing the Bodyscan Relaxation Technique, Breath Meditation and the Third Eye Awareness

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Season 3

1 Month Online Course

Meditation, Natural Philosophy, Community


This course is designed to empower you to find truth, resolution and answers within.


This will be achieved naturally through the discovery of the beautiful uplifting states of Stillness and Peace found in Meditation.

Through taking time to turn away from the endless noise of life today, you will find a refuge inside which will bring new strength into your life!


I've just done a meditation course with Jonny. It was absolutely amazing. I found Jonny's teachings really calming. I found the techniques really useful. I loved the energy of the group and always came away feeling calm, centred and really inspired. I cannot recommend this course enough. I loved it so much I'm joining the next course.

—  Anne Marie

Are you looking to learn meditation for relaxation, wellbeing and empowerment?

Do you have a meditation practise and are looking for guidance to go deeper?

Are you seeking to find an answer to the mystery of life’s biggest questions?

Are you looking for a supportive, like-minded community to be a part of?


In this course, I will be teaching meditation from my own inspiration and love for the journey of discovering the deepest connection with oneself and the Universe. We will build a group connection together in a supportive, caring and inspiring environment.


Through receiving step by step teaching on the building blocks of meditation you will:


-discover your own inner refuge of peace

-learn to meditate on your own without guidance

-receive support and inspiration to build a regular practise into your everyday life

-gain a host of resources such as guided meditation recordings, which will be yours to keep

-take a new sense of centeredness and strength into the world

-uncover a Meditation Path which offers the potential of leading you to Yourself in the truest, most unshakeable way.

-practise Natural Philosophy




It's time to let go of looking to books and words that other people have written to find answers!


Natural philosophy provides a perfect middle way balance between logical enquiry and a practise of stillness in order to allow a new reality to unfold.


Encouraging an enquiry into life can provide the fertile soil for answers to develop and blossom naturally and organically in meditation through an expanded sense of Self. Questions of “Who am I? Why do I exist? What caused me?” can begin to be answered through the unfolding of a new, beautiful, uplifting inner reality.




Through natural philosophy. you will return you to a state of clarity and awareness of yourself and the world around you.


You can reclaim the power of discernment that has been taken away from so many by the incessant noise and distraction of modern life.


-—Come to trust your own feelings, perspective and insight ——


See that this is only the beginning of a beautiful journey…


What if the deepest questions about life can only be answered through discovering a State of Being, an unshakeable reality, in which the questions and answers find their resolution naturally?


Come along and find out.



1 month

Tuesday nights 7PM till 8.30PM- short meditation, sharing circle

Saturday mornings 11.30AM till 1PM - guided meditation and teaching
Beginning 9th March, Ending 6th April

Investment £80

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