Holding Hands


Spirituality Mentoring and Life Coaching

With Jonny

“Let your life be guided by your deepest and most fundamental realisation about yourself and the Universe.”          

                                                                                                                           Jonny O’Donnell (Inspired by David Deida) 


I aim to guide you into your deepest knowing, to awaken and connect with what brings you joy, life and fulfilment and turn that into a vision, a goal and a reality. 


Through Spirituality mentoring, I will ignite your aspiration to find your own path of Spirituality.  


Commit to a package deal to fully cement your pathway to transformation.


Life Coaching

         Through life coaching, I aim to guide you into your deepest knowing, to awaken and connect with what brings you joy, life and fulfillment and turn that into a vision, a goal and a reality. 

Based upon your goals and intentions, I will: 

-Help you to find your path of self-discovery, and cultivate devotion to it with daily practice and persistent attention. 

-Use methods to guide you to dive deep within yourself and really discover your core life path, purpose and mission

-Help you to recognise your skills, abilities and talents and leverage them for success. 

-Assist you in finding your Ikagi – to make your passion your career and your career your passion

-Awaken your inspiration and flare for life and offer you direction and accountability

-Build organisation and a framework for the achieving of your goals.  

-Help you to awaken and harness your creativity. 

-Build your confidence to be fully your authentic self and to share your gifts with the world. 

-Help you to authentically and effectively communicate and connect with others. 

-Offer advice and coaching on a physical wellness. 

-Guide you to achieve greater intimacy and connection in relationships and gain more vital energy in life. 

-Ultimately, to share this journey of seeking to live life to its fullest potential! 


My Approach

  • I focus on helping you to connect to the resources, that you already have within yourself, that provide you with the clarity, positive states and resolve you need to achieve transformation. 

This principle is integral to the modality that I have created called The Resolution Journey.  

There are many facets to this modality such as releasing trauma and blocked emotions, cultivating resourceful and uplifting states and installing new positive belief systems. Looking from the perspective of Life Coaching, the ‘journeying’ quality of the modality is highly effective as it can act as a vision quest - through entering a trance like state, clarity, new perspective and insight into the direction of your life can be found and the vision of how you can achieve this can be seen. 

The journey also has many Spiritual aspects to it, find out more in the Spirituality section of this page. 

  • I focus on helping you to overcome trauma and negative emotions and transform limiting beliefs 


You guessed it, I use the Resolution Journey to achieve this, yet I also have some more up my sleeve! 

PSYCH-K is a tool that I use every day to effectively and efficiently transform my beliefs through directly installing new ones into the sub-conscious. I will use this in Life Coaching to help you find precise and powerful beliefs that you’d like to install in your subconscious. Through this, you will be able to achieve your life goals far more effectively, condition yourself to feel positive states and to reframe life situations into a more beneficial perspective. 

NLP can be used in a similar manner, yet it offers the potential to rewire your brain in exact manners. For example, it can permanently install more creative decision-making patterns for the day-to-day processes, give you access to resourceful states on tap and give you ways to manage negative states, transforming them into positive ones in an instant. In other words, it is Jedi Training. 

  • I focus on giving you the tools you need to achieve sustainable and long-lasting fulfillment in your life. 

I teach a range of useful paths towards self-mastery and discovery such as Meditation and dynamic breathing techniques. Meditation will give you clarity and focus in order to give you a clear vision of where your life is going and how to steer it to where you want to go. Power comes from being conscious, when we are unconscious, we cannot be in control and we are oppressed by our environment. Meditation will give you the awareness you need to have a clear direction in life. See the section on Spirituality and Meditation for the full benefits. 

Dynamic breathing techniques, can generate powerful energy in your body, clear trauma and give you a pure, natural high

I teach men to build and circulate your life force, which can help you to achieve greater, longer and more fulfilling intimacy with your partner. It has incredible health benefits and will also create uplifting states and a sense of openness to life. 

The Gut Reset Coaching is a program that will upgrade your level of wellness and energy to new heights and has the potential to help you overcome a huge range of physical challenges. 

  • I will be a presence that will keep you accountable for the goals that you have committed yourself to, encourage you to envision greater ones and help you to organise them and put them into action. 

Through my experience in Life Coaching, I can offer a practical approach to putting your dreams into action, so that you can turn them into a reality in an attainable and realistic manner/timeframe. 

  • I will give you the momentum you need to enter into a flow in your life so that you can realise your potential as an intuitive, creative being. 

Whether you are a creative artist or not, I can help you to awaken your creativity through entering a creative flow state where you can tap into your own resources of inspiration. I can also teach you songwriting and guitar. 

  • I may communicate directly with your subconscious and your superconscious to build trusting cooperation with the entirety of your inner self and to gain clarity on the most appropriate course of transformation for you. 

Kinesiology is a highly effective method, whereby we are able to ask yes or no questions to your subconscious. It will present the answer through strengthening or weakening of the muscles and this can be easily tested through simple techniques. 

Mainly we will find direction through listening to our own inner compass and learning to trust our own insights and intuitions, which are our greatest guide! 



Spirituality Mentoring


Through Spirituality mentoring, I will ignite your aspiration to find your own path of Spirituality.  

As meditation is central to my own path, it is often central in these sessions.  

Meditation is the most natural way to connect with our true nature and, with the right approach, can lead us to a discovery of our innermost self.  

I have gained a wealth of experience through teaching meditation for 7 years and in these sessions I will: 

-Give extensive support in starting and forming your meditation practice. 

-Help you to build a daily practice - taking you through helpful processes that will install new positive habits. 

-Provide you with many resources, such as guided meditation recordings, for you to use at home. 

-Guide hypnotherapy techniques to aid you in achieving optimal relaxation. 

-Help you to build a loving connection with the breath and begin a beautiful relationship with it as a tool for bringing neutrality, softness and centeredness. 

-Teach techniques to help expand, soften and deepen the breath. 

-Awaken your attunement to feeling powerful energy, expansive space and wonderful states of stillness. 

-Help you to build a heightened awareness and sensitivity to your physical, emotional, and mental levels and to your energetic system. I will guide you to invite more elevated states into the inner levels and clear away negative energy

-Guide you to practice maintaining your ability to stay in a still space and allow it to grow and unfold. 

-Help you to deepen into still and expansive spaces so that Universal insights and realisations can unfold. 

-Open the space for you to realise to a greater identity and sense of Self. 

-Introduce you to, and get you well on your way on, a Spiritual Path towards Ultimate Freedom. 


Breathing Techniques and The Resolution Journey 

I teach the wonderful practice of awakening the dynamic breath through specific breathing techniques. They are very effective in clearing trauma, inducing trance and bringing us in communion with our inner world. 

These techniques are used in The Resolution Journey and, alongside the music, words and body postures, are designed to evoke powerful inner states. Qualities such as dynamism, trance, expansiveness, wonder, heart awakening, love, upliftment and stillness are evoked through the process. This can ignite an aspiration and new flare for Spirituality, cultivating a connection with richness of the inner world. 


Spirituality in Life 

Living in the modern world can sever our connection to all that is Universal, natural and sacred. I offer guidance in living life with Spirituality, to help you to live with a sense of freedom and to draw from the reservoir of love and peace within to enrich your life.

Through partaking in the practice of natural philosophy and the study of philosophy and Spirituality, you will: 

-Open up to the bigger questions about life and learn to trust your own inspiration for enquiry, observation and reflection. 

-Find a greater meaning in your life. 

-Build a new relationship of wonder, openness and trust towards life. 

-Gain a bigger, more universal perspective on who you are and where you fit it. 

-Reconnect with a natural way of living. 


What is Natural Philosophy? 

Natural philosophy provides a perfect middle way balance between logical enquiry and a practice of stillness in order to allow a new reality to unfold. 

Encouraging an enquiry into life can provide the fertile soil for answers to develop and blossom naturally and organically in meditation through an expanded sense of Self. Questions of “Who am I? Why do I exist? What caused me?” can begin to be answered through the unfolding of a new, beautiful, uplifting inner reality. 


Through natural philosophy, you will return you to a state of clarity and awareness of yourself and the world around you. 

You can reclaim the power of discernment that has been taken away from so many by the incessant noise and distraction of modern life. 

-—Come to trust your own feelings, perspective and insight —— 

See that this is only the beginning of a beautiful journey… 

What if the deepest questions about life can only be answered through discovering a State of Being, an unshakeable reality, in which the questions and answers find their resolution naturally

Take the journey with me with Spirituality Mentoring.