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I am a Bowen Practitioner because I truly love it and because i have seen time and again people releasing all kinds of pains, traumas, stress and other health issues, in a lasting way!

Along the years I had the joy the observe my client's life improving and opening up as their wellbeing improves and the meridians energy starts to flow better. When they find inner balance so it starts to express on their outer reality.

I am a passionate, calm and enthusiastic Bowen Practitioner, and experienced meditator, that has a long and heartfelt background in Bodywork, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Reiki, Reflexology, Yoga and Meditation. 

I am a certified Bowen Practitioner with Bowtech, the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (BTAA) since 2015 and i am also a member of the Complementary Medical Association (MCMA). In June 2019 i concluded a special Bowen Training called the Importance of Symmetry that has deepened my Bowen knowledge and gifted me with an holistic assessment method that allows me to target even better the primary cause of concern of my clients, improving immensely the effectiveness of the treatment.

I believe that each person is unique and this is reflected in my sessions, in which each patient, regardless of their background or culture is treated with kindness, respect, joy, warmth and according to their specific individuals needs.

I believe strongly that by giving the body what it needs, with Bowen, the body has its own inner abilities to recuperate and be in its utmost healthy balanced state, physical, emotional and mental. My wealth of tools, life experience, and connection ability helps me to help my clients in an all rounded holistic way.

Having been a meditator since 2011, one of my life's purposes is to help others in their inner journey, through teaching meditation.