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Meditation course

8 Weeks Online Course

Meditation, Transformation, Community


Are you feeling overwhelmed and out of balance?
Are you longing for inner peace?
Do you want to build connection with like-minded people?


Then I can help you!

Based on many years of meditation and yoga practice, I have created an 8 weeks Chakra Meditation and Return to Peace Meditation that will energize and harmonize your chakras, and bring you into a more stable sense of inner peace.


What will you get from this amazing 8 weeks journey that we will go through together:

- you will start to energize and harmonize each chakra.

- you will shift beliefs associated with each chakra with powerful and efficient techniques.

-you will discover a sense of peace and neutrality and learn how to connect with it in your day to day life.

- you will connect and build community and find support with other like-minded people.

-you will be embraced in a heartful and accepting space where we can grow together.

- you will be fully guided by me along these 8 weeks, both in the guided sessions and in between.

- you will have practical daily exercises to do so that you can start to see results as the weeks unfold.

-you will have the chance to participate in the sharing circle and be able to share your journey with others.

-you will be inspired and supported by the whole group.


We will cover:
-Brief theory and detailed practice.

- powerful meditation with each chakra each week, using specific targeted sound frequencies.

-guided meditation to connect and develop a sense of inner peace and neutrality.

-several powerful and efficient techniques to help shift limiting beliefs associated with each chakra.


We will have 2 meetings per week - one for teaching and one for sharing what we experienced during the week.


From 26th March to 21th May
Sharing Circles - Fridays 7h00pm- 8h30pm
Meditation - Saturdays 12h00pm-1h30pm

Price £160 (can be paid in 2 installments)

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or want to find out more.


I'm really looking forward to us going through this journey together! <3