A Combination Of...


Trance Inducing & Heart Opening Music

Hypnosis Inducing Guiding Words

Trauma & Blocked Emotion Release 

Resourceful State Inducing Body Postures

Deep Relaxation

Communication with sub-conscious

Limiting Belief Reprogramming

Open To Love In All Of It's Aspects More Deeply

Go On An Immersive and Uplifting Journey

Unlock Resourceful States to Transformation Your Life

Release Blocked Emotions, Tension and Traumas

Communicate With Your Inner Self For Clarity and Guidance

Experience Deep Trance

Feel Amazing!

For Help With...

Releasing Trauma Safely & Non-Evasively 

Depression & Anxiety


Negative Cycles Of Thought & Emotion

Directionlessness and Lack of Clarity

Negative Life Situations & Relationships

What is it?

  • An immersive journey of relaxation, sound, leading words, dynamic breath, and awakening body postures all working synergistically to facilitate an inner exploration towards transformation. 

  • A process that unlocks a person’s inherent inner resources to discover the clarity, guidance and positive states required to find resolution within. 

  • A process that creates the environment for a person to organically transform their internal space, overcome trauma and install a new positive framework of belief systems. 

  • A safely guided and supported experience of trance.  

  • A direct way to communicate with the journeyer’s deeper inner levels with the aid of a coordinator who can guide the process and keep a record for future reflection. 

  • A way of gaining insight into, and breaking, negative patterns that contribute to physical, emotional and mental health challenges. 

  • A process that utilises contemporary neuroscience techniques to directly communicate with the journeyer’s subconscious mind to create trusting cooperation and effective lasting change. 

  • Can be used as a vision quest to find direction and purpose in life. 

  • wonderful, renewing and uplifting experience and a gateway for Spirituality. 



Working with Jonny and having him lead me through the Resolution Journey was a truly awesome and precious experience. He held the space with a calm strength that allowed me to drop into an extraordinarily deep process to really clear some stuck energy that had been holding me back in my life, love and business. The whole journey was stunning from start to finish and I have to say I was surprised at just how powerful it was.

Jonny has a beautiful subtleness to his presence and has put together a truly amazing experience here to bring healing in many different aspects. You go through different levels of intensity, it began with full power breathing and I felt challenged but moved through that into a complete zone of prescence. Then towards the end, accompanied with incredible music and Jonny's lovely voice, you are invited to bring huge self-love to yourself which was a very touching and emotional moment for me at that time. The whole experience was blessed and I look forward to engaging with the Resolution Journey again soon. Afterwards, I found myself thinking "hot damn that's what I need on a daily basis".

Jote Prakash

Explanation of the process

Whilst in a state of relaxation, you will be guided by my voice and words which will be designed around your own intention and goal for transformation.  

Utilising the alchemical and transformative power of music, I will safely guide you into a light trance state; journeying through vistas of deep and uplifting states.  

I will support you to affectively awaken the power of full dynamic breathing to release, invigorate and open up to the fullness of experience.  

The body postures are designed to open and awaken the flow of love in all its aspects - love for oneself, opening to love, giving, receiving and reaching resolution.  

Rather than telling you what to think and feel, I will hold a loving space, guiding you to dive deep within and facilitate the unfolding of clarity, insight and new perspectives on yourself.  

I will allow resolution, new direction and renewal to happen organically from your own resources and from the wisdom gained through opening to love.  

I will guide you into a state where you will be able to connect to the deeper levels of yourself - where any lessons, messages or clear perspectives can be communicated. Through this process an internal transformation can take place, reprogramming your subconscious and shifting you into a new internal space.  

I will use kinesiology before the journey to communicate with the wisdom of the subconscious in order to gain permission from your entire self and to test for the appropriate approach specifically for you. I can also test for where your blocks or traumas are and what limiting beliefs are holding you back. Following the process, I can test whether your goal of transformation has been achieved and a new framework of positive belief systems have been installed.  

Aiding you to create your own precise and optimal affirmation is central to this process. Often after the journey is complete, a whole new insight into the perfect affirmation is realised and installed.  

"Do you know what the music is saying? Come follow me and you will find the way. Your mistakes can also lead you to the Truth. When you ask, the answer will be given." Kabir

This process can be done in person or on Zoom.

Feel Good! Be Happy!

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